Kindergarten, Lattecaldo (CH), Open Competition, associated with Stefano Moor, 2019

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The project becomes part of the settlement system of the existing ensemble, which is in pleasant balance with this special place. The reference altitude is the higher one of the existing entrance: starting from here, the new building reshapes the contour of the hill and becomes a public path. A new front is offered to the valley, redeeming what today appears as a back. At the higher level the most public part of the program, at the lower an intimate world intended for the children.

Structure: four columns, lengthwise arranged, support the roof and partially the lower slab that, for the remaining, is hanging on the roof structure by the means of the tie-rods aligned on the whole edges. The same columns, by the means of their generous section and of being interlocked in the foundations, allows the building to resist to asymmetrical and horizontal forces.